Monday, May 16, 2022
Giantleap Capital Funds Federated Wireless to Boost Innovation and Development of Private 5G Wireless Networks for Critical Industries
GDS Link and TransUnion Partnership to Offer Premium Decisioning Solutions to Clients
Sortium Blockchain Studio Introduces “Metaverse As A Service”
Opptly Announces Addition of Salema Rice to its Advisory Board
Talend Hires Sam Pierson as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Jason Penkethman as the Chief Product Officer (CPO)
VirgilHR Launches a New AI-powered Platform to Transform Employee Compliance Management
Zoom Launches Compliance recording with Recording Insights
New OneForma App Provides Generation of AI Data Sets More Easier Than Ever
Aliro Finishes Series A Funding to Revolutionize How Companies Attract Talent
Census Launches Reverse ETL observability capabilities to Assist data teams Sync with Ease
Patriot Growth Insurance Services Adds Two Employee Benefits Agencies
WPG Americas Inc. Introduces New Wireless Communication Tools with SPARK Microsystems Next-Gen Ultra-Low Power Ultra-Wideband Tools
Therapixel Bags 15 M€ series B financing to deploy MammoScreen® 2D/3D
SDI Presence Introduces Enhanced Advisory Services Delivery Model and Practice Leadership Promotions
Dock Rakes $110 million, now with a total valuation of over $1.5 billion
Internet of Things (IoT) Predictions to Foresee in 2022-01

Internet of Things (IoT) Predictions to Foresee in 2022

IoT development has been regarded as the most promising area of the digital world in recent years. This is unsurprising, given how Internet technologies...
Three Practical Reasons Why Enterprises Should Embrace Confidential Computing

Three Practical Reasons Why Enterprises Should Embrace Confidential Computing

Today, organizations are seeking solutions to keep their cloud data safe. Data privacy has...
Ian McShane

Why Hiring More Staff Won’t Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

  “Businesses should prioritize retaining their cybersecurity talent, and investing in their security operations. Those...
CIOs can No Longer Ignore Video Analytics Platform
Automation, AI, and ML – The Heroes in the World of Payment Fraud Detection
Enhancing Enterprise Infrastructure with Better Monitoring Capabilities
Simplifying Data Management while Accelerating the Digital Transformation Journey
Hybrid Cloud Environment- Accelerating the Pace of Digital Transformation
The Changing Market Dynamics Pushing the Need to Adopt Niche Data Management Solutions
How Business Leaders Can Navigate the New Normal with Talent Management
Logistics and Material Handling Industry – RPA to the Rescue During the Pandemic
Role of Innovation Teams During and Post COVID-19
DSaaS Vendor Combats Cyber Security and Data Privacy Challenges
Hybrid Blockchain Platforms Are Helping Enterprise with Scalability
The Effects of Digital Transformation on IT Departments
3D Printing adds to Accuracy, Dimensional Stability, and Better Experience?
End to End Interaction with Luma Automation
Bharat Mistry

Podcast Interview with Bharat Mistry, Technical Director at Trend Micro

 Bharat is Technical Director at Trend Micro where he manages technical and customer-supporting teams. He has 20...
A Cloudy Horizon Solving the Multi-Cloud Conundrum-01

A Cloudy Horizon: Solving the Multi-Cloud Conundrum

Author: Mehul Patel, Head of Marketing and Customer Insight, Prosimo The statement that the future...

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For a couple of years now, the lines between IT and business have been blurring. So much so that the topic is not even...

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